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Private Encrypted Content Exchange


Gone are the days of having to remember multiple passwords, checking email, etc.

PECX stands for Private Encrypted Content Exchange.  It is the first and "only" enterprise mobile platform that uses Biometric Sensing Technologies to lock your private digital content (videos, photos, text) prior to sending and unlock prior to viewing.  

The business method process is currently patent pending.

Lock Digital Content


PECX is the only mobile application that let's you lock your confidential digital content (videos, photos, text) prior to sending using Touch ID, Facial or Voice Recognition.  When the file is received  PECX prompts the recipient to authenticate using one of the biometric sensing technologies (BST).

Payment Processing Feature


Another great feature of PECX is the integrated payment processor.  Users can create paid events and collect the proceeds without having to rely on a 3rd party applications like Eventbrite or Paypal. 

The Future is Mobile!

Unlimited Possibilities!


The number of industries for which PECX can be used are endless.  From entertainment, healthcare and military the future is PECX.  Data security, Cyber security, Network security is what we do!

The End of the Email Era


As of 2018, nearly 90% of decisions made are done in the palm of our hands.  PECX is the perfect tool to send proprietary or sensitive data without having to rely on email systems, passwords, etc.  Information is shared in "real time!"  The possibility of getting hacked is virtually impossible.  Biometrics is the future of self identification.

Passwords Are A Thing Of The Past


Biometrics is the future and the ultimate tool for securing digital content via the mobile device.  Having to remember a bunch of passwords and resets is time consuming, inefficient and antiquated.

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