Why Data Security Matters More to Consumers Than Ever Before!


There's a war going on right now in the digital age.  It's called "the invasion of privacy" and in 2018 alone, mobile data hacking and breaches reached an all time high!

Data privacy and security is the number one concern for consumers and businesses who no longer believe big tech is doing enough to protect their data.  RMost smartphone users are already "overwhelmed" with having to keep up with all the apps and passwords without having to worry about privacy breaches.

Rather than sit on the sideline and wait to be hacked, consumers are now in a position to fight back using one of PECX "patent pending" biometric proprietary applications.  

At PECX, we're building cybersecurity "customer-facing" mobile solutions with emphasis on secure communications and trusted identification that are efficient, easy to use and scalable.  Consumers are no longer willing to sit on the sideline and hope big tech will protect their privacy.  In today's busy world, less is more and consumers want products that are both simple, secure and put the user in the driver's seat!   

About PECX


The PECX Corporation started with a few good people and a one or two great ideas with the most important being how to combat the issue around data privacy and hacking in an era where nothing is private.  Our team is composed of forward thinkers with 30+ years expertise and backgrounds in data security, business development, psychology and marketing.  

What sets PECX apart from others working in this space is we look at problems from the customer's vantage and not the bottom line.  We believe if you have a "phenomenal" product the money will follow.

PECX Enterprise Solution


The great thing about PECX is it works as a "stand alone" product or can be easily integrated into an existing platform like a "plug and play."  This means the costs to integrate is substantially lower while profits nearly double.

The Future is Mobile!

The Power of Security is in Your Hand!


At the end of 2018 it was calculated that nearly 90% of decisions we make in a day happen in the palm of our hands.  There is no doubt that using mobile to share data or conduct business is taking over our lives!

Unfortunately, consumers are loosing the fight against privacy breaches.  But thanks to the innovative thinkers at PECX Inc. smartphone users are in a position to defend themselves.

By empowering users to combat data hacking using facial recognition and Touch ID to minimize risk and your data falling into the wrong hands is virtually impossible!  Biometrics is the future of self identification.

PECX Advance Biometrics


Unlike traditional biometric solutions that only allow the user to access information, PECX is the first and only biometric authentication access management system that gives users the ability to “grant” or “deny” others access to their data aka digital content by locking the message using our "proprietary" onscreen digital lock.

PECX is the perfect tool to send proprietary or sensitive data right from your without having to rely on passwords, or getting hacked!

Passwords Are A Thing Of The Past


Biometrics is the future and the ultimate tool for securing digital content via the mobile device.  Having to remember a bunch of passwords and resets is time consuming, inefficient and antiquated.

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